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Segmental Retaining Walls or SRWs are the best choice when it comes to retaining walls due to strength and esthetics.

Walls & Columns

The GeoStone Retaining Wall System™ is our own patented system that is based on the open-core concept which we have found to be one of the strongest and most versatile in the industry. Open core retaining wall systems are not limited in what they can do by pins, lips, lugs, clips or other such methods of connection. GeoStone utilizes an angular crushed stone (#67 stone) that locks the cores of the units together. This method allows for easy turns as well as batter (set back) for stability. GeoStone's open core also allows the wall to stack in "True Vertical" for walls that are constrained by property lines or structures. GeoStone's open core allows for a corner module to be made from the block itself onsite and can be fully customizable. There are many more advantages to GeoStone's open core system, but don't take our word for it. Try it and you will discover what so many other professional installers already know.

    GeoStone's Multi-Piece or as referred to in the industry as Ashlar Pattern can be viewed in more detail on our Ashlar Page . This process is very simple and a low cost alternative to other pricy and complicated ashlar systems.


GeoStone Landscape Block - 36 lbs

GeoStone Landscape Block 4"x18"x12" SE Isometric View GeoStone Landscape Block 4"x18"x12" Top View AB B G SB M CB
AB = Autumn Blend, B = Brown, G = Gray, SB = Slate Blend, M = Mocha,
= Cherokee Blend
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GeoStone Standard Block - 72 lbs
GeoStone Standard Retaining Wall Block        
GeoStone Standard Block 8"x18"x12" SE Isometric View GeoStone Standard Block 8"x18"x12" Top View AB B G        
AB=Autumn Blend, B=Brown, G=Gray
More About Connection
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Column Stone™

Column Stone

6"(h) x 16"(w) x 6.5"(d)

Column Layout

Column Stone™ is the choice for building pillars, mail box enclosures, columns or fence post dividers. Column Stone™ may also be used to enclose your outdoor grill or to add character to your retaining wall. Adorn columns with lights for night time enjoyment. Four subtle color choices blend with any architectural style. Column Stone's™ durability and versatility give you almost limitless design possibilities, to create something unique, beautiful, and permanant for your home.
Column Stone More on Columns
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Creta Stone™

A. 5"(h) X 9"(w) x 9"(d)
B. 5"(h) x 13"(w) x 9"(d)
C. 5"(h) x 16"(w) x 9"(d)

Creta Stone Layout

Creta Stone's™ three piece system provides flexibility in design for your landscape wall. It can be used as a classic retaining wall or as a free-standing wall. Creta Stone™ retaining wall blocks are machine split on both sides providing a rustic look to either side. Create natural appeal in your outdoor space......... create with Creta Stone™.
Call for pricing 205-678-9969

Quarry Stone™

A. 4"(h) x 7. 75"(w) x 9"(d)
B. 4"(h) x 1O.33"(w) x 9"(d)
C. 4"(h) x 15. 50"(w) x 9"(d)
D. 8"(h) x 7. 75"(w) x 9"(d)
E. 8"(h) x 1O.33"(w) x 9"(d)
F 8"(h) x 15. 50"(w) x 9"(d)

Quarry Stone Layout

Quarry Stone's™ elite appearance is achieved through combining two different heights and six different widths of stones. Some stones may be used vertical orientation providing for a vast array of design configurations. Quarry Stone™ may be used for traditional retaining walls or increasingly popular free-standing walls. Turn your backyard into an outdoor living area with the vintage hewn look of Quarry Stone™.
Call for pricing 205-678-9969


Pyzique Stone™

4"(h) x 11 "(w) x 7"(w) x 9"(d)

Pyzique Stone Layout

The unique shape of Pyzique Stone™ lends limitless possibilities to your landscape design. Curved retaining walls, firepits, seat walls, ponds, and stairs are just some of the applications this versitile wall product can create. Pyzique Stone™ is machine split on both sides and tumbled to give it that old world / rustic finish.
Call for pricing 205-678-9969


Pyzique Grill Kits

4"(h) x 11 "(w) x 7"(w) x 9"(d)

Grill Kit
Pyzique Grill Kit Layout

3d Pyzique Grill with Paver Circle Layout
Pyzique Grill Kit Layout With Paver Circle Option - pdf
DSC00354.jpg (616712 bytes)DSC00526.jpg (479603 bytes)DSC00528.jpg (503066 bytes)
PYZIQUE Grill Kit (3200 lbs) 112 block (4'-1" Diameter - outside) / Grilling surface area 4.9 sq ft  -  Height varies depending on taste (approx. 2'-8" high using all block).  Kits include black metal ring and grilling grate.
Call for pricing 205-678-9969


Plantation Stone™

4"(h) x 16 "(w) x 8"(d)

Plantation Stone Layout

Plantation Stone™ is a simple yet attractive way to create elegant double-faced walls, stone fencing, columns, seating walls, and outdoor kitchen / fireplace veneers. A one-piece system makes it easy to install. It is a tumbled product with a "machined" edge on all sides.
Show me more on Plantation Stone.
Plantation Stone
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Reg. U.S. Pat. & TM Off.

Suggested Screen Resolution 1152 x 864

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