Landscape Block


  • 4"h x 18"w x 12"d
  • 36 lbs
  • 1/4 cubic ft - corefill
  • 3.78' Radius
  • Wall face square footage per block = 1/2
  • Block per pallet = 72 (varies by region)
  • Wall Setback / Batter

The GeoStone Landscape block was originally created as modular retaining wall system to fill in the "gaps" between the larger wall modules and the mainly decorative small blocks found at the retail or "box stores".  This module is identical to its larger version with the only exception being height and weight (36 lbs).  Its method of connection is identical as well, making it the strongest 4 inch retaining wall module on the market. This connection method which we call "Rock Interlock" allows the two modules to be mixed in to the same wall in either a true ashlar (random) pattern or banding.  The GeoStone Landscape block can be easily maneuvered and handled.  It's lesser weight allows for 1 block to be carried in each hand.  It also makes placing and positioning much easier in radius and footing stages.  A very common argument we get is that it takes twice as many.  True, but walls are typically built much faster with this product than its heavier predecessor.  This has much to do with the stamina of person building the wall.  They do not wear out as quick.  The main reason however, is due to the building technique used to place this product which can be seen here.