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Outdoor living encompasses a broad spectrum of applications.  Basically, it means taking the comforts of the home and making them available outside.  Fireplaces are usually what comes to mind first.  We typically locate our fireplaces in the living room area of the house, which would be surrounded by seating areas and maybe a media center.  This is true with outdoor fireplaces, but we all know which room of the house is the most social........the kitchen.  Outdoor kitchens have become a necessity as of late.  Technology has made all sorts of modern conveniences available to the outdoors.  Who says your home theater has to be downstairs in the basement.  Weatherproof electronics make watching the game outside as if you were there.  The best part about entertaining outside is the easy cleanup.  Outdoor living areas allow us to enjoy the outdoors without ever having to leave home.

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Outdoor Living items and kits are complimentary items to GeoStone Retaining Walls and therefore not available in certain areas.

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