GeoStone on a national level, is a patented modular retaining wall system with a unique design that is shown throughout this website.  We provide technical support for manufacturers, distributors, and installers of the GeoStone Retaining Wall System.  The GeoStone modular wall system is different than most in that it is built on the concepts of simplicity and flexibility, but that is an entire chapter in an of itself.  Curious?


On a more localized level, GeoStone is a full service Hardscape outlet specializing in the sales, promotion, and design of all categories of Hardscape.  Our location on Hwy 280 in Westover, AL has one the largest displays of hardscape products in the state.  We invite people to come out and walk the vast paver lines by PaveStone and Flagstone Pavers, most of which are open to the public 24/7.  These displays are supported by GeoStone retaining walls in varying raised patio applications which showcase modular stairs, ramps, and water features.  Our indoor Travertine displays are integrated with Flagstone Paver overlays to showcase the best in indoor/outdoor flooring.  Looking for ideas?  This is the place.  We have professionals on staff to help you design and plan your dream outdoor entertainment oasis.

The Next Generation of Modular Retaining Wall Systems